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About us

Taking the name “RIDE ON” from the lyrics of a classic James Brown song, Don opened the original RIDE ON bike shop on West Broadway in 1986.

There were RIDE AWAY stores down on West 4th in a number of locations during our 10-year hiatus from West Broadway.

1996 was the birth of RIDE ON AGAIN after the various changes of location the store returned to its original 2255 West Broadway location, when asked what it should be called, someone said just call it “RIDE ON AGAIN".

The new millennium saw RIDE ON open up over on the east side with the original Main Street store up at 19th and Main serving Mid Main and Mount Pleasant.

In the early, to mid-2000s there was RIDE ON TOP, a clothing/BMX/skateboard museum at Granville and Robson.

2010 brought RIDE ON to Toronto, Don’s hometown, with a store opening at 778 Dundas Street West. Offering a fresh approach to bicycle retail and service in Toronto with RIDE ON’s unique business model which had been thriving in Vancouver.

2014 saw some big changes, RIDE ON moved down to Main and 6th from Main and 19th into a much more suitable building, both in terms of size, location, and looks in this 1913 heritage building. Being next door to a brewery and a donut shop was an added bonus!

2014 also saw a fresh RIDE ON venture open in Marpole at 71st and Granville to give South Vancouver its first bike shop in almost 25 years! Essentially a smaller scale version of the existing RIDE ON stores in Vancouver. This store closed permanently during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

2015 brought us to the Tri-Cities, taking over a good friends formerly BMX only shop on Westwood in Port Coquitlam. Maintaining a good stock of BMX, but also introducing hybrids, mountain and road bike options too, along with a full-service repair shop. Again, bringing a fresher grass routes approach to an area that was mostly big box stores or shops catering more to the elite riders with higher-end bikes and price tags. This store closed permanently during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021.

2017 for Toronto, saw the store move into a much needed larger location. Just a block down the road from the original store to 816 Dundas Street West, giving them much more room to breath and grow!

2019 saw another shop and a warehouse location added to Toronto. With a new bike shop in the Junction neighbourhood at 2821 Dundas Street.

2020, RIDE ON in Toronto now has store #3! 651 Queen Street East has been open as of May 5th! 

We’ll keep you posted as to what is next for RIDE ON.